"Teaching as Performance" Coaching

Tips we teach you will be drawn from relevant training practices and preparatory rituals of professional actors. But don’t panic! We will not to turn you into an actor and this is not acting training.  When you see an actor performing you are seeing a blend of acting techniques (the ability to inhabit a character and memorise a script) and performance techniques (the ability to: speak with confidence and fluidity; think ‘on your feet’ and connect with your audience). We concentrate on performance, not acting, techniques.

You’ll learn ease with your body, breath, voice and speech. You might wonder what your body has to do with your voice? The more relaxed and at ease you are in your body, the easier your breath flows. Being free and relaxed in your body is crucial to letting your breath out and finding your voice.

A relaxed body is potent visually and energetically, and creates a memorable first impression.  If you look comfortable in your skin, with a natural cool demeanor, an audience will warm to you and your message.

We bring extensive corporate performance, presentation and teaching experience to help you be your best with an audience. We use only the very best performance trainers to work with you to:

  • gain rapport in small and large groups
  • connect with your audience
  • work with culturally diverse audiences
  • speak to hostile audiences
  • teach distracted and time poor audiences
  • banish academic stage fright
  • find your authentic voice
  • speak with confidence

We have worked extensively throughout the higher education sector with international conference groups, professors, academics, higher degree (by research) students and undergraduate students to banish stage fright and connect with audiences.  We would love to help you learn to present with confidence, panache and not fear.

You can master these great skills with us in three ways:

  • In-depth Lecturing as Performance programme
  • One-to-one vocal coaching
  • Tailored sessions for Post Docs, HDR students, professional staff, etc.

Why not start now – to be your absolute best. Contact Amanda Burrell today!