Executive Presence Coaching

Executives are on display.  Every word you say, how you say it, how you move, gesture, what you wear, how you use a room, how you answer questions everything you do is up for critique.  In every speech, meeting, conference, team address, media call – you have the chance to win over your audience, or not.

Have you ever seen someone look absolutely comfortable in their skin, speak with confidence, move effortlessly, use interesting content, connect with the audience?  They’re easy to watch and easy to listen to, they just seem to have that special something.

That is Executive Presence.

It shines.

It’s luminous.

It’s effective.

It’s energising.

It oozes confidence.

It attracts opportunities.

It is absolutely memorable.

It speeds your career velocity.

Once you’re an executive it’s almost impossible to get honest feedback. Your peers are fewer, and they are also your competitors.  Your staff can’t be completely honest – they’re protecting their jobs – and you are the boss! The stakes are high.

Who’s going to be brave enough to tell you: that you speak in a monotone, or that you can’t be heard, that your slides are boring, or that you look really nervous, that you look pale and blend in with the background. Even if they were brave enough to tell you – where would that leave you? What’s the point of telling you if you don’t know how to fix it?

You need someone who knows what they’re doing, does it well and has done it before. I trained as an actor 30 years ago, then took those vital presence skill into the corporate and higher education sectors, and designed a teaching performance / presence coaching system for academics, for which I won an Australian award for university teaching.  I researched, designed, tested and built the Captivus method.  My team (who I hand pick and train personally) and I use this method, which I constantly refine to make sure it stays bleeding edge, through ongoing action research. We’ll work with you.  We can help.

We work with executives privately, discreetly, confidentially, to help you master your executive presence.  And the best thing about working with us is there is no cookie cutter approach – we’ll uncover your best self, then coach you to recognise your best and be that every single time.

You’ll never be able to identify who we’ve worked with, there is no normed type we produce – just great confident executives, bringing their best easy confidence to whatever task they choose.

We will even work with your identified executive succession team.

So they’re ready when you take your next step up!

We work in Higher Education, Private, Public and Non Profit sectors.

Why not start now – to be your absolute best. Contact Amanda Burrell today!