“I need a new brand!”

If you’re reading this you must be thinking about launching your new business, or breathing new life into your existing one.  Deciding that you need a brand is not a decision taken on a whim.  You’re about to change things and it’s been coming for a while…

You’ve probably heard it said that everyone’s got a novel inside them, well every single person has a brand (or quite a few) inside them too. The difference about getting a brand this way, working with this process, is that brand flows out of you. It becomes a true reflection of the business’ essence.

It’s almost like a process of revealing as much as a process of creation.  Think of Michelangelo the magnificent Renaissance sculptor who was repeatedly asked about his beautiful sculpture David.  Apparently everyone wanted to know how he did it.  How did he take such a huge piece of marble and transform it into ‘David’.  He is reported to have said something like… I simply started with the most beautiful piece of marble that I could find, and then chipped away all the parts that weren’t David.

That’s what it’s like when you work with Amanda on creating your new brand DNA For more than 20 years she has been working with people to create new somethings from nothing.  Initially this was creating businesses.  Then for the last 16* years she has been specialising in teaching this kind of creative branding process.   * 13 of those at an award winning university level

In the process you confront what you are, and what you can be. Which means it is often a process of moving from fear to creativity.  It certainly is for Amanda, every single time she does it.  Each time is a lovely surprise of stepping up again into her best self, her next generation and being the absolute best she can be.

It can be a bit of a rush, and you will be riding a wave of adrenalin once you open your creative flow! But what you get in the end is the most magnificent, energy infused entity that is the visual manifestation of the mission that will drive your business.  Because the velocity of your heart, your soul, your business vision, your new mission – in fact every burning desire you’ve had, and everything that is important to you, about every piece of contact you have, that everyone who is currently in business with you, in any way shape or form is infused and embedded energetically into the visual language that becomes your brand.

Sure, you can outsource this task to a graphic designer, and they’ll give you a few choices, and you can make a decision and just choose one of their options.  But what you tend to find in that process is what you see – the brand logo, can feel life-less… you look at it and feel… nothing.  It can look great but it doesn’t feel like yours and you don’t really connect with it, because you haven’t been through the process of infusing you into it.

Now don’t get me wrong, graphic designers are great, they do great work and there is a place for them, at the end of this process.  And a graphic designer will be integral in polishing your logo – but a logo is not a brand!  The brand ideation makes a logo possible, and makes it make sense.

Something magical happens when people work this way on brand ideation and developing a brand DNA.  Clients are sometimes a new partnership – forging a bond so both partners’ DNA is in the brand.  It can be an existing team repositioning a brand.  Or it can be just you.  Working with Amanda in the process of developing your brand is the process of revealing your very best self and the absolute essence of who you are, and what your business can be, so that when you’re ready to go, it is launched, or re-launched, with velocity and passion.

So with Amanda not only do you end up with the beautiful brand in the end.  You end up with the beautiful you ready to drive it!  And this process can happen surprisingly quickly, it can sometimes happen at dawn, with breathtaking speed.  It’s an incubation process.  Have no doubt even though some parts need to be done on your own.  You are never really alone. Certainly there are parts of the process that you need to do on your own.  But you’ll have the sense that as you dive off that metaphorical cliff creatively, to find your brand, there’s someone diving with you.

At the end of the process you will be different, and your brand will have been born, and energetically it’s breathtaking.   What people find is for a little while once your brand has been born you just can’t stop looking at it… and that’s because you know… and can feel that something new has been made.

Often this work marks the end of something old and the beginning of something new.  Which is perfect because you will be different afterwards.  And once you’ve worked in this way, once you’ve done one brand, you understand the process.  So for the next brand – it is like a geyser – you’ve tapped the wellspring of your creativity.  And when you’re ready to develop more brands, and trust me they are in there just waiting to happen… this process gets easier and easier and easier.  You will have the skills to incubate all your future brands on your own, should that be your desire.

Having been through the process – by finding your brand, you find yourself.  The interesting thing is you find out what drives you, your core values, what you really want, and how you want to be in the world how you want to connect with your clients and move through the arc of your business.  Your authentic, consistent, congruent message will be in every aspect of how you communicate. All of that will be infused into your new brand and people will be able to feel that when they see it.  Because the process has been done properly the energy and emotional intent is embedded in the visual language of your business by your brand.

Honestly, your life will never be the same again.  And others will know it  – it is inherent in every brand touch point or every way they connect with you and your business.  Everything they see and feel and touch.  They most likely won’t know what they are seeing, and feeling, and touching… but will affect them far more deeply and differently than brands that have not been through this process.

It is such an honour to work with people in such a capacity-building way.  Amanda just loves it!  “My joy is facilitating transformational change, with people stepping up into the best creative brands”, says Amanda, “and I would love you to experience this process.”

“For the last 16 years I’ve taken thousands of people through this process of brand creation, brand ideation and brand DNA.  I’ve refined, and refined and refined the way we do it – and now have it down to a fine art.  For something so utterly transformational it is surprisingly simple.”  Like Einstein says – “everything should be as simple as it can possibly be, but not simpler”.

This process works equally well with groups, with partnerships and with individuals.  Amanda will safely guide you through the process, to navigate your fear and step into your creativity, and step up and change your life with the new business (or by breathing life into an existing one) with your new brand.