Accent Reduction And Vocal Clarity

When faced with an audience – be they students, staff, peers, patrons, or an industry group – there’s a lot to concentrate on.  Having the right content, crafting a compelling narrative arc, using the space well, sharing your message clearly and stimulating questions (in the right environment).  Yes, they are all very important aspects… BUT

NONE of that matters – if you can’t be clearly heard and understood.

You can tell when you are not being understood, the blank looks, no questions, poor feedback, sometimes helpfully (sometimes hurtfully) students will just tell you.  We can help. We have a track record of helping people be understood.

One of the most rewarding ways we work at Captivus is one-to-one on Vocal Clarity and Accent Reduction. We help you to speak clearly and to be understood.

The feedback we get from people with whom we’ve worked is that this work is utterly life changing.  Clients, who’ve tried up to 7 other methods, over 10 years only to be left disappointed and still misunderstood, ENJOY success with us!

We target the aspects of your speech and delivery that will best help your audience understand your message.  We take into account the particular challenge of your sector and your audience – that combined with you and your message – form a puzzle we just love to solve.

It takes time, but we get great results! We work gently, repeatedly, privately and innovatively until we get the breakthroughs that you need to be clearly heard andabsolutely understood.  We work with accents, projection, speaking clearly, breathing, timing and so on.  We work with those whose native language is English and those whose mother tongue is not English and who speak multiple dialects.

We do not eliminate accents – we do help you be understood when you speak for face-to-face dialogical delivery and one-way electronic delivery (when your audience is digital).

Our focus is to achieve crystal clear, easy to understand, spoken Australian English Delivery for both Australian and international audiences. We will help you to speak clearly and to be understood.

Call Amanda Burrell 0412 154 321 to improve your team’s performance today.

You can enjoy better feedback, better results and feel able to contribute at meetings – you do not have to stay silent… we’ll help you to speak up and be understood.


Our clients say it best…

“Thank you so much for that feedback.  I know I speak too fast, but I didn’t know how to stop.”

“It was nice to be myself and be more successful, a surprise!”

“I also aspire to be one of the best lecturers [inshallah - (God willing in Arabic) with your help!].”

“Amanda has impressed me with her distinct and delightful personality and outstanding work in the training. She has excellent communication skills and easily makes herself approachable. Amanda has huge patience in helping us build our confidence and keep the right attitude toward teaching. I found the teaching tips were very helpful and really worked after she observed my lecture and provided me with feedback. I benefited a lot [from] the one-to-one sessions [on lecture observation and accent reduction work].”

[The course] showed me that there are techniques that can be learnt to improve performance – even if you aren’t naturally inclined to performance, you can still improve substantially.”

“The course [is] valuable for those requiring English pronunciation for lecturing.”

“May I borrow your words that it has been humbling joy working with you :-) !”

“Thank you so much for your patient feedback and helpful suggestions.”

“Dear Amanda,

Thank you very much for a most stimulating T&L workshop. I find it peculiar that training sessions like yours are not compulsory for academics.  Paradoxically, we’re not seriously taught how to teach.

Training for class engagement would save people like me from agonising over the years about an “appropriate” approach to create rapport to conclude in the end that perhaps the best approach is to “be yourself” (in my case, a loud Brazilian with “Carmen Miranda” hands!!!), receptive to new ideas, and committed to quality learning. I remember trying to get rid of my “Brazilianness” in the classroom and adopt a more “Anglo” approach, but it didn’t work because it was far too artificial!”

Call Amanda Burrell 0412 154 321 to improve your team’s performance today.